Height: 90cm, Diameter: 50cm

Weight: 45kg, Speed: 0.7-1.0m/s

Function: delivery, guide, voice propaganda

Solutions: delivery in the indoor environment of hotels, office buildings, government affairs centers, etc.


Height: 142cm, Diameter: 50cm

Weight: 100kg, Speed: 0.5-0.8m/s

Function: touring display,broadcast,guide and interactive inquiry

Solutions: intelligent reception and explanation in the indoor environment of exhibition halls, shopping malls, sales offices, etc.


Body type: 71*49*118cm, Load: 50kg

Tray load: 10kg, Speed: 0.9m/s

Function: food delivery

Solutions: suitable for restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and other applications

Disinfection Robot- LITE

Height: 117cm, Diameter: 50.8cm

Weight: 80kg, Speed: 0.5-0.8m/s

Function: 13L disinfectant, 8 hours disinfection

Solutions: full mobile spray disinfection in buildings


Dimensions: 556*472*939mm

Box size: 189(W)*250(H)*330(D)mm

Weight: 48kg, Speed: 1.2-2.0m/s

Function: guide, deliver and tour, free to choose 2-3-4 bin for distribution

Solutions: intelligent distribution in high-end office buildings and hotels

Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Size: 560*470*940mm

Weight: 60kg, Speed: 1.2-2.0m/s

Function: 10L disinfectant, spray+UVC disinfection

Solutions: full coverage mobile disinfection in buildings

Intelligent Service Robot

Height: 133cm, Head Screen: 10.1inch

Weight: 40kg, Speed: 0.5-0.8m/s

Function: welcome reception, voice interaction

Solutions: mobile reception and voice inquiry in the indoor environment of office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.

Intelligent Service Robot-Big screen

Height: 133cm, Head Screen: 10.1inch

Weight: 40kg, Big screen: 27inch

Function: guide, purchase and inquiry

Solutions: intelligent service robot for shopping malls


Height: 33.7cm, Diameter: 50.8cm

Weight: 50kg, Speed: 0.7m/s

Function: wheeled robot platform

Solutions: provide one-stop mobile robot solutions for commercial wheeled service robots